My child is new to childcare, what should I expect at the beginning?


Introducing your child to care can be an emotional time. Especially in the early days there may be a few tearful goodbyes. But rest assured, there are many ways to assist your child with this transition. 🙂

We encourage you to allow extra time for the morning drop offs, especially in the initial phase of a child transitioning into the centre. Having that extra time will allow you to ease your child into the room and get them settled. Moreover, it will give you and your family ample time to discuss issues and routines with the educators and form a relationship with them early on. The extra time every morning can help you establish those goodbye routines like reading a book before you leave or helping your child wash their hands before finding an activity to get involved in.

The rhythm of our day usually begins at 9-9.15am. Before we begin the day’s activities, educators will open different play stations to assist with your child’s transitions. These activities encourage social interactions for your child and other children and educators. We encourage parents to do drop offs before 9.15am to ensure your child has enough space to settle in before our learning begins!

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